Journal Article Determination of the thermal and epithermal neutron sensitivities of an LBO chamber

遠藤, 暁  ,  佐藤, 斉  ,  takuro, shimazaki  ,  kotani, kei  ,  須田, 充  ,  濱野, 毅  ,  梶本, 剛  ,  田中, 憲一  ,  星, 正治

56 ( 3 )  , pp.269 - 276 , 2017-07
An LBO (Li2B4O7) walled ionization chamberwas designed to monitor the epithermal neutron fluence inboron neutron capture therapy clinical irradiation. Thethermal and epithermal neutron sensitivities of the devicewere evaluated using accelerator neutrons from the 9Be(d,n) reaction at a deuteron energy of 4 MeV (4 MeV d-Beneutrons). The response of the chamber in terms of theelectric charge induced in the LBO chamber was comparedwith the thermal and epithermal neutron fluences measuredusing the gold-foil activation method. The thermal andepithermal neutron sensitivities obtained were expressed inunits of pC cm2, i.e., from the chamber response divided byneutron fluence (cm-2). The measured LBO chambersensitivities were 2.23 9 10-7 ± 0.34 9 10-7 (pC cm2)for thermal neutrons and 2.00 9 10-5 ± 0.12 9 10-5(pC cm2) for epithermal neutrons. This shows that the LBOchamber is sufficiently sensitive to epithermal neutrons tobe useful for epithermal neutron monitoring in BNCTirradiation.

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