Journal Article Multilayer-coated photodiode-based beam intensity monitor for polarization analysis of plasma soft X-ray laser

今園, 孝志

56 ( 21 )  , pp.5824 - 5829 , 2017-07 , The Optical Society of America
A Mo/Si multilayer-coated photodiode detector (MP) for beam-intensity monitoring was prototyped and characterized using synchrotron radiation and X-ray laser (XRL) sources, in order to perform polarization analysis of a laser-driven plasma soft XRL generated from nickel-like silver plasma. At a wavelength of 13.9 nm and an angle of incidence of 45°, the s-polarization reflectance is 0.525 and shows a strong positive correlation with the transmittance corresponding to the photodiode current generated by the MP. We succeeded in performing polarization analysis of XRL beams with a large shot-to-shot intensity variation using the MP. Thus, this MP enables shot-to-shot monitoring and delivery of high intensity beams for downstream XRL experiments.

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