Journal Article Micro-structuring of epoxy resists containing nanoparticles by proton beam writing

佐野, 遼  ,  早川, 志文  ,  林, 英臣  ,  石井, 保行  ,  西川, 宏之

Proton beam writing (PBW) on SU-8 composites with nanoparticles (size: 14–750 nm) of silver, silica,alumina, and carbon with concentration of 5.0 wt% was studied aiming for high-aspect-ratio microstructuring.Results of SRIM simulation suggest that deep micromachining of more than 100 lm is possibleby 3.0 MeV PBW with increase in lateral straggling of less than 5.0%. Sensitivity loss of 150% wasobserved by introduction of 5.0 wt% nanoparticles to SU-8. There is a correlation between the sensitivityloss and volume concentration of nanoparticles. We fabricated pillar arrays of SU-8/silver nanocompositeswith 10 lm in diameter and 80 lm in height by PBW at 3.0 MeV. Cross-sectional observation of theSU-8/silver pillar arrays shows that silver nanoparticles are homogeneously dispersed in SU-8, whileaggregation was observed at the side surface.

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