Journal Article Recent Progress of JT-60SA Project

Shirai, Hiroshi  ,  Kamada, Yutaka  ,  Barabschi, Pietro

57 ( 10 )  , pp.102002-1 - 102002-14 , 2017-06 , Elsevier
The JT-60SA Project has been implemented for the purpose of an early realization of fusion energy. With powerful and versatile NBI and ECRF system, flexible plasma shaping capability, and various kinds of in-vessel coils to suppress MHD instabilities, JT-60SA plays an essential role to address key physics and engineering issues of ITER and DEMO. It aims to achieve long sustainment of high integrated performance plasmas under the high beta_N condition required in DEMO. Fabrication and installation of components and systems of JT-60SA procured by EU and Japan are steadily progressing. Installation of toroidal field coils around the vacuum vessel started in December 2016. Commissioning of the cryogenic system and power supply system has been implemented in the Naka site, and JT-60SA will start operation in 2019. The JT-60SA research plan covers a wide area of issues in ITER and DEMO relevant operation regimes, and has been regularly updated on the basis of intensive discussion among European and Japanese researchers.

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