Presentation 重粒子線治療のための腫瘍診断・治療評価に役立つ拡散 評価MRIシークエンスの開発と評価

立花, 泰彦

The purpose of this study was to develop and evaluate a new MRI imaging method that can visualize the mixture of restricted and hindered diffusion components, and also the water exchange between them in in vivo tumor tissue.This year we modified the original imaging sequence that was developed for ex vivo cells scanned with animal 7T MRI to be applicable for human brain scanned with clinical 3T MRI. The processing algorithm for the scanned data was also modified to achieve higher robustness, and a software to perform this new method was developed as well. However, even the modified imaging sequence still required long scanning time, approximately 45min, which may not be suitable for clinics. So, another imaging sequence that was largely simplified from the previous one was developed in addition. This additional imaging sequence may not maintain the ability to quantify the water permeability compared to the previous one, but it may be more practical for clinics.

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