Presentation Heavy-ion radiotherapy with HIMAC

Noda, Koji

Heavy-ion beams are very suitable for the treatment of deeply seated cancer because of an excellent physical-dose distribution and high biological effect around the Bragg peak. Heavy-Ion Medical Accelerator in Chiba, HIMAC, therefore, was constructed for the cancer radiotherapy (RT) with heavy-ions. Since 1994, NIRS has conducted the HIMAC facility for both the carbon-ion RT and related studies with heavy-ions. The total number of patients treated as of August 2016 was in excess of 10,000. In 2003, the Japanese government approved the carbon-ion RT with HIMAC as a highly advanced medical technology. After that, NIRS developed a standard carbon-ion RT facility in order to boost the carbon-ion RT The fruits of this work were realized as a pilot facility in Gunma University, which has been successfully conducted since 2010. NIRS, further, has developed a fast 3D scanning to accurately treat tumor even with changing both the tumor size and shapes during a treatment period, which has been successfully conducted since 2011. Further, a compact carbon-ion rotating gantry, based on the superconducting technology, has been developed in order to realize the intensity modulated carbon-ion RT (IMCT) combined with the 3D scanning, which will bring the more accurate and shorter-course treatments owing to the higher dose concentration. A treatment with this rotating gantry will start in his year.At present, NIRS has just proposed a new research project for supper compact heavy-ions RT facility. The final goal of this project is to realize supper-compact heavy-ion RT machine for very high treatment effect. This machine consists of a very compact injector with the laser technology, a very compact synchrotron and rotating gantry with the superconducting technology, which is called the 5th generation heavy-ion RT machine in Japan. In the treatment, multi-ions will be used in order to control both the biological dose and the RBE. We will report the development of heavy-ion RT with HIMAC and also the new project.
MEDICIS-Promed Summer School

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