Journal Article Control-oriented tools for the design and validation of the JT-60SA magnetic control system

Cruz, N.  ,  De Tommasi, G.  ,  Mattei, M.  ,  Mele, A.  ,  Miyata, Yoshiaki  ,  Pironti, A.  ,  Suzuki, Takahiro

63pp.81 - 90 , 2017-04 , Elsevier
The construction and operation of the JT-60SA tokamak is one of the main projects currently carried out jointly by Japan and the European Union under the Broader Approach agreement. Within the Integrated Project Team, Japanese and European scientists are developing and testing a number of tools to support preliminary studies and future operations of JT-60SA. Within this collaborative framework, European scientists are using a set of assessed modeling tools to design and validate possible solutions for the plasma magnetic control system of JT-60SA. This paper introduces these tools and describes a possible control architecture to be used on the JT-60SA tokamak. The effectiveness of the proposed architecture is shown by means of numerical simulations.

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