Journal Article Anomalous photoelectron angular distribution in ionization of Kr in intense ultraviolet laser fields

Nakano, Motoyoshi  ,  Otobe, Tomohito  ,  Itakura, Ryuji

95 ( 6 )  , pp.063404-1 - 063404-8 , 2017-06 , American Physical Society
We investigate multiphoton ionization of Kr for the formation of the two spin-orbit split states $^2P_{1/2}$ and $^2P_{3/2}$ of Kr$^+$ in intense ultraviolet femtosecond laser fields ($\lambda\sim$ 398 nm, $\tau\sim$ 50 fs). As the laser intensity increases from 8 to 39 TW cm$^{-2}$, the photoelectron angular distribution (PAD) exhibits the anomalous enhancement in the direction perpendicular to the laser polarization. With the support of the time-dependent density functional theory taking account of the spin-orbit interaction, the measured anomalous PAD is ascribed to the autoionization to $^2P_{3/2}$.

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