Journal Article First principles centroid molecular dynamics simulation of hydride in nanoporous C12A7:H-

池田, 隆司

146 ( 20 )  , pp.204503-1 - 204503-7 , 2017-05 , AIP Publishing
Hydrides in nanoporous [Ca24Al28O64]4+(H-)4 (C12A7:H-) were investigated via first principles centroid molecular dynamics (CMD). The quality of our CMD simulations was assessed by examining the temperature dependence of the distribution of hydrides in the cages constituting the C12A7 framework. The vibrational states of C12A7:H- were analyzed by using the trajectories of the centroids generated in our CMD simulations. We find that the rattling motions of H- and D- behave qualitatively differently, resulting in non-trivial isotope effects, which are suggested to be detectable by using infrared and Raman spectroscopy.

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