Journal Article Photon-induced Auger Effect in Biological Systems: A Review

Yokoya, Akinari  ,  Ito, Takashi

93 ( 8 )  , pp.743 - 756 , 2017-05 , Taylor & Francis
We review interesting findings reported in the studies of the biological effects induced by inner-shell ionization with the aim of interpreting them from a mechanistic viewpoint of Auger effect of a particular atom on biological systems.Materials and Methods: Cited more than 70 published papers on the Auger effects ranging from DNA related elements (carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and phosphorus) to mammalian cells for the present endeavor. Externally administrated bromine, iodine, and platinum have also been included. Those significant work all needed a highly monochromatized X-rays from brilliant synchrotron light sources. We have produced a coherent view on the inner-shell effects of Aurger process that contrasted to the overall effects with ordinary outer-shell ionization processes. Some of these studies have reported that the Augur effect significantly enhances the biological effects as compared with ordinary radiation. Auger-specific molecular degradation mode of DNA, involving extensive fragmentation of the deoxypentose moiety, has also been revealed. We believe that the selectively localized effect on the specified atoms through inner-shell ionization in the Auger process should have a definite impact on classical radiation effect studies, which are largely based on non-selective outer-shell ionizations.

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