Journal Article One-atom-thick 2D copper oxide clusters on graphene

狩野, 絵美  ,  G. Kvashnin, Dmitry  ,  境, 誠司  ,  A. Chernozatonskii, Leonid  ,  パベル, ソロキン  ,  橋本, 綾子  ,  竹口, 雅樹

9pp.3980 - 3985 , 2018-05 , Royal Society of Chemistry
The successful isolation and remarkable properties of graphene have recently triggered investigation of two-dimensional (2D) materials from layered compounds; however, one-atom-thick 2D materials without bulk layered counterparts are scarcely reported. Here we report the structure and properties of novel 2D copper oxide studied by experimental and theoretical methods. Electron microscopy observations reveal that copper oxide can form monoatomic layers with an unusual square lattice on graphene. Density functional theory calculations suggest that oxygen atoms at the centre of the square lattice stabilizes the 2D Cu structure, and that the 2D copper oxide sheets have unusual electronic and magnetic properties different from 3D bulk copper oxide.

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