Journal Article Li4SiO4 based breeder ceramics with Li2TiO3, LiAlO2 and LiXLaYTiO3 additions, part II: Pebble properties

Kolb, M.H.H.  ,  Knitter, R.  ,  星野, 毅

115pp.6 - 16 , 2017-02 , Elsevier
The pebble properties of novel two-phase Li4SiO4 pebbles of 1 mm diameter with additions of Li2TiO3, LiAlO2 or LixLayTiO3 are evaluated in this work as a function of the second phase concentration and the microstructure of the pebbles. The characterization focused on the mechanical strength, microstructure and open as well as closed porosity. Therefore crush load tests, SEM analyses as well as helium pycnometry and optical image analysis were performed, respectively.This work shows that generally additions of a second phase to Li4SiO4 considerably improve the mechanical strength. It also shows that the fabrication processes have to be well-controlled to achieve high mechanical strengths. When Li2TiO3 is added in different concentrations, the determinant for the crush load seems to be the open porosity of the pebbles. The strengthening effect of LiAlO2 compared to Li2TiO3 is similar, while additions of LixLayTiO3 increase the mechanical strength much more. Yet, Li4SiO4 and LixLayTiO3 react with each other to a number of different phases upon sintering. In general the pebble properties of all samples are favorable for use within a fusion breeder blanket.

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