Presentation 粒子線治療計画におけるCT値から阻止能比への変換関係の構築方法の更新

兼松, 伸幸  ,  森, 慎一郎  ,  稲庭, 拓

[Purpose] A new calibration method for CT number to stopping-power ratio conversion was recently proposed as a revision of the method that has been used in many particle-radiotherapy centers. We report in this presentation how we actually implemented the revision for the first time in clinical practice.[Methods] We followed the publication by Kanematsu et al in Phys. Medi. Biol. 61 (2016) 5037-5050 for carbon ions of effective energy 131 MeV/nucleon proposed by Inaniwa et al in Phys. Med. Biol. 61 (2016) N542-N550 to determine CT numbers and stopping-power ratios of 11 representative tissues for the conversion function of each clinical CT-scanning condition. We analyzed the range variation due to the revision for sampled treatment plans. [Results] The revision of the conversion caused marginal effect on the range calculation.[Conclusion] The transition to the revised method was straightforward and would marginally improve the range accuracy in clinical practice.

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