Presentation Development of 11C+ Ion Source for Reacceleration With HIMAC for Real-Time Observation of Dose Distribution

Noda, Akira  ,  Katagiri, Ken  ,  Hojo, Satoru  ,  Sugiura, Akinori  ,  Suzuki, Kazutoshi  ,  Wakui, Takashi  ,  Shirai, Toshiyuki  ,  Noda, Koji  ,  Grieser, Manfred  ,  Nakao, Masao

In order to im­prove the pre­ci­sion of dose dis­tri­b­u­tion in a pa­tient's body in the case of car­bon ther­apy, re­al­time mea­sure­ment of the dose dis­tri­b­u­tion with the use of the so called OPEN PET is de­sir­able. For re­al­iza­tion of such a treat­ment, usage of iso­tope sep­a­ra­tor on­line scheme based on tar­get frag­ment might be in­evitable to keep the needed S/N ratio. From the above re­quire­ment, we have been de­vel­op­ing 1+ ion source of positron emit­ting 11C+ ions*, which will be charge breeded be­fore in­jec­tion into the in­jec­tor LINAC of the HIMAC. 11C+ ion is to be pro­duced by a high in­ten­sity pro­ton beam from a cy­clotron. In the real process, a small cy­clotron like HM20 might pro­vide the pro­ton beam, but at the de­vel­op­ment stage, we are plan­ning in­ves­ti­ga­tion uti­liz­ing pro­ton beam from the AVF cy­clotron ex­ist­ing at NIRS with K-num­ber of 110. In the pre­sent paper, the total scheme of ra­dioac­tive ion re-ac­cel­er­a­tion will be de­scribed to­gether with the re­cent ion source de­vel­op­ment.
8th International Particle Accelerator Conference, (IPAC’17)

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