Presentation Development of ultra-compact scanning system

Furukawa, Takuji

For our particle therapy society, this 10-20 years was transition phase form the passive delivery to the scanning delivery. In this transition from passive delivery, scanning delivery needs to keep specifications of 1) capability to treat moving tumor, 2) same or better dose rate, and 3) better dose conformation. Thus, the development of scanning system has been focused on faster scanning and smaller beam size. As a result of development, our scanning system has been treating the patients including moving target in both NIRS and KCC. Treating moving tumor with fast rescanning was one of important milestone in our society. However, next step of the development is strongly required, which means compact system with lower cost while keeping system performance. For this purpose, we have developed ultra-compact scanning magnet, which is really revolutionary device. This brand-new magnet makes the scanning system amazingly compact from 8 m to 3.5 m. Further, this new scanning system can deliver the field size of 34 cm x 34 cm. Not only a conceptual design, a prototype of this magnet is already manufactured and tested with carbon ion beam. Results of the beam test were successful and suitable for clinical use. Since smaller beam size is also important issue, we newly designed the irradiation port having a movable nozzle for further reduction of beam size, cooperating with the range shifter-less system. In this presentation, we will report this brand-new scanning system, which will be installed upcoming facilities.
56th Annual Conference of the Particle Therapy Co-operative Group (PTCOG56)

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