Presentation EUV x-ray laser ablation of materials

石野, 雅彦

To study the interactions between extreme ultraviolet (EUV) laser beam and material surfaces, we irradiated the EUV laser beam pulses having a wavelength of 13.9 nm and duration of 7 ps to various materials. With single pulse irradiation, the nanometer scale ablation hole was formed on LiF surface, and the formation of conical structures was observed on Al surface. On the Au and Cu surfaces, ripple-like structures were formed. These surface structures were induced by low fluences (~10-30 mJ/cm2). After the multiple pulse irradiation, the conical structures on Al were destroyed. On Au and Cu surfaces, it was confirmed that the development of modified structures was observed, and deep holes that seemed to be melted structures were found on the Si surface. It was concluded that EUV laser irradiation of various material surfaces causes different types of surface modifications, and the changes in the surface behaviors are attributed to the differences in the elemental properties, such as the melting points and the attenuation length of x-ray photons.

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