Article TLDによる線量分布測定の高精度化 ~放射線治療の線量検証システムを目指して~

眞正, 浄光  ,  栁澤, 伸  ,  古場, 裕介  ,  井上, 光広  ,  松本, 和樹  ,  牛場, 洋明  ,  安藤, 隆之

We introduce a new dose verification device for robotic radiosurgery using Al2O3:Cr ceramic 2D thermoluminescence dosimeter. It has high reproducibility, high spacial resolution, wide dynamic range and a low running cost. Because Al2O3:Cr is non - tissue equivalent, the influence of energy-dependency was one of the important considerations. However, the influence does not matter in the energy region from 100 keV to 6 MeV for robotic radiosurgery due to the ratio of the mass energy absorption coefficient having a constant with Al2O3:Cr and water. As a result, our new system using Al2O3:Cr ceramic 2D thermoluminescence dosimeter has a high usability for verification of not only geometric, but also dose.

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