Presentation 重粒子線照射の線エネルギー付与(LET)の違いにおける腫瘍免疫応答に関する研究

小此木, 範之

We previously reported that comparable levels of high mobility group box 1(HMGB1), which play a pivotal role in activating antigen-specific T-cell responses, were detected after irradiation with iso-survival doses of X-rays and carbon-ion beams (CIB). Here, we examined whether there is a difference in release amount of HMGB1 in different linear energy transfer (LET) in iso-survival doses of CIB from human cancer cell lines. The study examined four cell lines: TE2, KYSE70, Hela, and Siha. The proportion of cells surviving after CIB irradiation in different LET was assessed in a clonogenic assay. The D10 was calculated using a linear-quadratic model.HMGB1 levels in the culture supematants were assessed by an ELISA. The D10 dose for 13 kev /µm of CIB in TE2, KYSE70, Hela, and Siha cells was 1.0, 2.8, 3.9, and 4.1 Gy respectively, whereas that for 70 kev /µm CIB was 0.5, 1.4, 1.9 and 2.2 Gy, respectively. CIB significantly increased HMGB1 levels in the culture supematants of all cell lines at 72 h post-irradiation with a D10 dose. Furthermore, 70 kev /µm of CIB significantly increased HMGBl levels in the culture supematants of KYSE70 and Siha at 72 h post-irradiation, comparing to 13 kev /µm of CIB.

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