Article 銀塩感光材料を用いた飛跡像の蛍光標識化による微細飛跡検出システムの開発

久下, 謙一  ,  中, 竜大  ,  梅本, 篤宏  ,  安達, 考洋  ,  田代, 弘生  ,  稲葉, 俊喜  ,  小平, 聡

Analyzing systems for radiation tracks using silver-salt photographic materials wewre developed on 1. fluorescent-labeling method, 2. Plasmon resonance method. Progress of thse methods was obtained as 1. base dependence of fluorescence at the mixture system of two dyes, 2. detection of fine silver-particles under the resolution of optical microscope by the emission of plasmon resonance. Use of polarization enhanced the separation of these particles.

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