Journal Article Research progress at the Slow Positron Facility in the Institute of Materials Structure Science, KEK

兵頭, 俊夫 (KEK)  ,  和田, 健  ,  望月, 出海 (KEK)  ,  木村, 正雄 (KEK)  ,  峠, 暢一 (KEK)  ,  設楽, 哲夫 (KEK)  ,  深谷, 有喜 (JAEA)  ,  前川, 雅樹  ,  河裾, 厚男  ,  飯田, 進平 (東理大)  ,  満汐, 孝治 (東理大)  ,  長嶋, 泰之 (東理大)

791pp.012003-1 - 8 , 2017-02 , IOP Publishing
Recent results at the Slow Positron Facility (SPF), Institute of Materials Structure Science (IMSS), KEK are reported. Studies using the total-reflection high-energy positron diffraction (TRHEPD) station revealed the structures of rutile-TiO2(110) (1×2), graphene on Cu (111) and Co (0001), and germanene on Al (111). First observations of the shape resonance in the Ps– photodetachment process were made using the positronium negative ion (Ps–) station. Experiments using the positronium time-of-flight (Ps-TOF) station showed significant enhancement of the Ps formation efficiency and the energy loss in the Ps formation-emission process. A pulse-stretching section has been implemented, which stretches the positron pulse width from 1.2 μs up to almost 20 ms.

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