Presentation 重粒子線によるDNA損傷応答反応における天然物の作用に関する研究

舘脇, 直人  ,  山崎, 裕太郎  ,  笠井, 清美  ,  中西, 郁夫  ,  西田, 浩志

People with an occupation, such as space explorers and radiation therapists, are influenced by radiation such as heavy ion and proton beam. The exposure of tissue to radiation results in various kinds of damages and toxicities. Thus, the development of radio-protective agents has attracted much attention. Antioxidants are often used as radio-protective agents. We have demonstrated the protective effect of tetragalloyl apiitol (TGA) on cell death by H2O2 or gamma-ray irradiation. TGA has a potential as radio-protective agents. However, the effect on various types of radiation or particle beams is unknown. Herein, we investigated the mechanism of cellular responses to DNA damage induced by heavy ion radiation with TGA. Human adenocarcinoma A549 cells were pre-incubated with TGA (0, 3, 10 µM) for 6 h. After pre-incubation, the cells were irradiated with carbon-ion beams [C290 MeV/u (LET 17 and 70 keV/µm)]. The TGA protected from the cytotoxicity of heavy ion, especially in LET 17 keV/µm. The phosphorylation of p53 was increased by 5 Gy heavy ion exposure. TGA decreased the phosphorylation of p%3 in cells damaged by 5 Gy heavy ion with TGA. gamma-H2AX, a marker of DNA damage, was also decreased with TGA pre-incubation. These results indicate that TGA exhibited the cell protective effect through the inhibition of DNA damage induced by heavy ion.

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