Article Analysis of Gamma-ray Induced Bystander Effect between Human Lung Normal and Cancer Cells

池田, 裕子  ,  横田, 裕一郎  ,  舟山, 知夫  ,  高橋, 昭久 (群馬大)  ,  金井, 達明 (群馬大)  ,  中野, 隆史 (群馬大)  ,  小林, 泰彦

pp.111 - 111 , 2017-03 , Takasaki Advanced Radiation Research Institute, QST
To clarify the γ-ray-induced bystander effects between normal and cancer cells, normal human lung fibroblasts WI38 and human non-small cell lung cancer cell lines with different p53 status (H1299/wtp53, H1299/mp53, H1299/neo) were co-cultured with/without 60Co γ-ray irradiation. The result of colony formation assay revealed that the bystander cell-killing effect between was not induced between normal WI38 cells and H1299 delivered cancer cell lines.

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