Article Effects of High Concentration Verteporfin and Ion Beams on the Expression of p53 in Human Cultured Retinal Endothelium

明尾, 潔 (あけお眼科医院)  ,  舟山, 知夫  ,  小林, 泰彦  ,  明尾, 庸子 (あけお眼科医院)

pp.112 - 112 , 2017-03 , Takasaki Advanced Radiation Research Institute, QST
To examine how ion beams and verteporfin influence the expression of p53 in human cultured RE cells, the cells were incubated with verteporfin for 2 hrs and irradiated with Ne, C, and He ion beam. The result of quantitative PCR using LightCycler system showed that the high concentration verteporfin significantly decreased the expression of p53 in human RE cells up to 8 hrs after irradiation by He, and up to 24 hrs after irradiation by C, but none by Ne, suggesting the species of ion irradiation to influence the expression of p53 after addition of high concentration verteporfin to human RE cells in vitro.

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