Article Analysis of Biological Effect on 3D Cultured Tissue Induced by Heavy-ion Microbeam Irradiation

冨田, 雅典 (電力中央研)  ,  松本, 英樹 (福井大)  ,  大塚, 健介 (電力中央研)  ,  舟山, 知夫  ,  横田, 裕一郎  ,  鈴木, 芳代  ,  小林, 泰彦

pp.117 - 117 , 2017-03 , Takasaki Advanced Radiation Research Institute, QST
To clarify a role of bystander response to sustain the homeostasis of damaged tissue irradiated with high-LET heavy ions, a viable cell rate of the 3D cultured human epidermis irradiated with high-LET Ne-ion microbeams or broad-beams was analyzed by an MTT assay 90 h after irradiation. The results suggest that the differentiative basal and spinous cells in the 3D cultured epidermis mainly respond to high-LET heavy ions and bystander signals.

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