Journal Article Impacts of gate bias and its variation on gamma-ray irradiation resistance of SiC MOSFETs

村田, 航一  ,  三友, 啓  ,  松田, 拓磨  ,  横関, 貴史  ,  牧野, 高紘  ,  小野田, 忍  ,  武山, 昭憲  ,  大島, 武  ,  大久保, 秀一  ,  田中, 雄季  ,  神取, 幹郎  ,  吉江, 徹  ,  土方, 泰斗

214 ( 4 )  , pp.1600446-1 - 1600446-7 , 2017-02 , WILEY
Gamma-ray irradiation into vertical type n-channel hexagonal(4H)-silicon carbide (SiC) metal-oxide-semiconductor fieldeffect transistors (MOSFETs) was performed under variousgate biases. The threshold voltage for the MOSFETs irradiatedwith a constant positive gate bias showed a large negative shift,and the shift slightly recovered above 100 kGy. For MOSFETswith non- and a negative constant biases, no significant changein threshold voltage, Vth, was observed up to 400 kGy. Bychanging the gate bias from positive bias to either negative ornon-bias, the Vth significantly recovered from the largenegative voltage shift induced by 50 kGy irradiation withpositive gate bias after only 10 kGy irradiation with eithernegative or zero bias. It indicates that the positive chargesgenerated in the gate oxide near the oxide–SiC interface due toirradiation were removed or recombined instantly by theirradiation under zero or negative biases.

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