Journal Article Water-treatment reactors using titanium dioxide-modified polymer beads with an identical refractive index to water

Kuniyasu, Masataka  ,  Unno, Noriyuki  ,  Shin-ichi, Satake  ,  Yuki, Kazuhisa  ,  Seki, Yohji

Beads coated with TiO2 are frequently used in water-treatment photoreactors. In this study, to achieve both uniformity of UV irradiation and the promotion of reactions on the surface of the beads, a water- treatment reactor was constructed containing TiO2-coated beads of the fluoropolymer MEXFLON, which has a refractive index identical to that of water. The performance of the reactor in water purification was examined by means of a recirculation experiment using an aqueous solution of methylene blue. The pseudo-first order rate constants on the MEXFLON beads was 3.8 times greater than that on glass beads, confirming the effectiveness of matching the refractive index of the beads to that of water.

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