Presentation Performance of a soft X-ray emission spectrometer with wideband multilayer optics in 1-3.5 keV region

今園, 孝志

A compact flat-field spectrometer in combination with a prefocusing mirror has been developed for the parallel detection of soft X-ray emission from 1 to 3.5 keV range. The spectroscopic coverage has been expanded due to aperiodic Ni/C multilayer coatings on a 2400 lines/mm grating and toroidal mirror. The multilayer structure is analogous to X-ray supermirrors, that consists of a C (1.12 nm)/Ni (4.48 nm) bilayer on an 80 pair of Ni (2.8 nm)/C (2.8 nm) bilayers; the topmost layer is Ni. These multilayer optical components were characterized with SR. In a preliminary test, the X-ray spectra from Pt, Ag, ITO, and CIS solar cell specimen were measured by using electron beam excitation.
International Conference on X-ray Optics and Applications (XOPT2017)

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