Journal Article Locking of electron spin coherence above 20 ms in natural silicon carbide

Simin, D.  ,  Kraus, H.  ,  Sperlich, A.  ,  大島, 武  ,  V. Astakhov, G.  ,  Dyakonov, V.

95 ( 16 )  , pp.161201-1 - 161201-5 , 2017-04
It is demonstrated that Silicon carbide (SiC) with a natural isotope abundance can preserve a coherent spin superposition in silicon vacancies over an unexpectedly long time exceeding 20 ms. The spin-locked subspace with a drastically reduced decoherence rate is attained through the suppression of heteronuclear spin crosstalking by applying a moderate magnetic field in combination with dynamic decoupling from the nuclear spin baths. Furthermore, Several phonon-assisted mechanisms of spin-lattice relaxation is identidied, and it is found that it can be extremely long at cryogenic temperatures, equal to or even longer than 10 s.

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