Journal Article Bright and photostable nitrogen-vacancy fluorescence from unprocessed detonation nanodiamond

Reineck, P.  ,  Capelli, M.  ,  W. M. Lau, D.  ,  Jeske, J.  ,  R. Field, M.  ,  Ohshima, Takeshi  ,  D. Greentree, A.  ,  C. Gibson, B.

9 ( 2 )  , pp.497 - 502 , 2017-01
Bright and photostable fluorescence from nitrogen-vacancy (NV) centers is demonstrated in unprocessed detonation nanodiamond particle aggregates. The optical properties of these particles is analyzed using confocal fluorescence microscopy and spectroscopy, time resolved fluorescence decay easurements, and optically detected magnetic resonance experiments. Two particle populations with distinct optical properties are identified and compared to high-pressure high-temperature (HPHT) fluorescent nanodiamonds. It is found that brightness of one detonation nanodiamond particle population is on the same order as that of highly processed fluorescent 100 nm HPHT nanodiamonds. The results obtained in thisstudy may open the path to a simple and up-scalable route for the production of fluorescent NV nanodiamonds for use in bioimaging applications.

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