Presentation Targeting cancer stem cells with miRNA-based strategies and particle radiation therapy

Vares, G.  ,  Saintigny, Y.  ,  Chevalier, F.  ,  C.Lepleux  ,  Hoh, H.  ,  Jalleta, V.  ,  Sai, Sei  ,  Sugawara, H.  ,  Nakajima, Tetsuo

Treatment resistance and relapse in challenging cancer models might be related to the presence of a small population of radio-resistant cancer stem cells. We have tested in vitro an approach combining high-LET carbon-ion therapy and CSC-targeted therapy, based on the modulation of micro-RNA expression by specific oligonucleotides (mimics and antagomirs), in three experimental models (pancreatic cancer, chondrosarcoma and triple-negative breast cancer). We identified several micro-RNA mimic treatments capable of improving carbon-ion therapy efficiency by targeting radioresistant CSCs in those models.

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