Journal Article Quality of 99mTcO4- from 99Mo Produced by 100Mo(n,2n)99Mo

永井, 泰樹  ,  中原, 勇人  ,  川端, 方子  ,  初川, 雄一  ,  橋本, 和幸  ,  佐伯, 秀也  ,  本石, 章司  ,  太田, 朗生  ,  椎名, 孝行  ,  河内, 幸正

86 ( 5 )  , pp.053202-1 - 053202-4 , 2017-05
Pharmaceutical quality of 99mTc pertechnetate solution obtained from 99Mo, the 100Mo(n,2n) reaction product, was investigated for the first time with an emphasis on non-radioactive Mo content and endotoxin concentration. They were smaller than a tolerance dose given in international guidelines and an established upper limit in an international pharmacopoeia, respectively. Four other quality control tests commonly assessed for commercially available 99mTc pertechnetate solution also demonstrated to meet the United States Pharmacopeia requirements. The results strongly support that the thermochromatographic separation method which was used to separate 99mTc from 99Mo can be a promising substitute for the fission product 99Mo.

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