Journal Article Construction Status of the Superconducting Magnet System for JT-60SA

吉田, 清  ,  木津, 要  ,  土屋, 勝彦  ,  村上, 陽之  ,  夏目, 恭平  ,  小出, 芳彦  ,  Davis, S.  ,  Tomarchio, V.  ,  Wanner, M.  ,  Decool, P.  ,  Cucchiaro, A.  ,  Heller, R.  ,  Michel, F.  ,  Disset, G.  ,  Genini, L.  ,  Mayri, C.

The construction of the JT-60SA tokamak is one of the three projects of the Broader Approach activities being undertaken jointly by Japan and Europe. The superconducting magnet system for JT-60SA consists of 18 toroidal field coils, a central solenoid with four modules, six equilibrium field coils, superconducting feeders, high-temperature-superconductor current leads, thermal shields, and the cryogenic system. This paper shows the latest construction activities of the superconducting magnet system.

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