Presentation Single Shot Measurement of the plasma wave by using Frequency Domain Holographic

小瀧, 秀行  ,  森, 道昭  ,  林, 由紀雄  ,  ホァン, カイ  ,  中新, 信彦  ,  神門, 正城

Laser acceleration is an application of high intense laser pulse. The laser accelerated electron beam has a short pulse width as the order of femto second. The laser acceleration has a possibility to open new physics. In order to use the laser accelerated electron beam, the stability and the control of the electron beam is one of the problems. In order to control the laser accelerated electron beam, the control of the plasma wave excited by a laser pulse is necessary. In order to control the plasma wave, the wave should be measured. As a first step of the control of the laser accelerated electron beam, we measure the plasma wave. By using two chirped probe pulses, frequency domain holographic (FDH) measurement is conducted. In the case of FDH, the spectrum can be converted to time. FDH is one of the single-shot plasma wave measurements. In order to produce the plasma wave, 10 TW and 30 fs laser pulse is focused onto a Helium gas jet. The two probe pulses are parallel to the main pulse. Without plasma wave, the interference fringes are straight lines. However, with plasma wave, the fringes are shifted. From the shift, the plasma density can be calculated. As a result, single-shot plasma wave measurement is succeeded.
International Conference on High Energy Density Sciences 2017

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