Presentation Development of ITER Gyrotron in QST

池田, 亮介  ,  小田, 靖久  ,  小林, 貴之  ,  梶原, 健  ,  高橋, 幸司  ,  森山, 伸一  ,  坂本, 慶司

For ITER electron cyclotron heating and current drive system, QST procures 8 sets of 170GHz gyrotrons with output power of more than 1 MW. At present, a gyrotron with high-order volume mode of TE31,11 mode has been developed to realize the output power up to 1.4 MW by reducing the thermal loading at the cavity.stable start-up of main mode and high efficiency oscillations in hard excitation region were achieved. In steady-state operation, operation of 1.0 MW with total efficiency of 46% for 300s was achieved. Over-1MW operation of 1.2 MW for 5s was achieved. In addition, this gyrotron has demonstrated for quad-frequency oscillations.
The 6th International Workshop on Far-Infrared Technologies (IW-FIRT 2017)

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