Journal Article Final design of the beam source for the MITICA injector

D, Marcuzzi,  ,  P, Agostinetti,  ,  Palma, M, Dalla  ,  Muri, M, De  ,  G, Chitarin,  ,  G, Gambetta,  ,  N, Marconato,  ,  R, Pasqualotto,  ,  M, Pavei,  ,  N, Pilan,  ,  A, Rizzolo,  ,  G, Serianni,  ,  V, Toigo,  ,  L, Trevisan,  ,  M, Visentin,  ,  P, Zaccaria,  ,  M, Zaupa,  ,  D, Boilson,  ,  J, Graceffa,  ,  RS, Hemsworth,  ,  CH, Choi,  ,  M, Marti,  ,  K, Roux,  ,  MJ, Singh,  ,  A, Masiello,  ,  M, Froeschle,  ,  B, Heinemann,  ,  R, Nocentini,  ,  R, Riedl,  ,  戸張, 博之  ,  Esch, HPL, de  ,  VN, Muvvala,

87 ( 2 )  , pp.02B309-1 - 02B309-3 , 2017-02 , American Institute of Physics
The megavolt ITER injector and concept advancement experiment is the prototype and the test bed of the ITER heating and current drive neutral beam injectors, currently in the final design phase, in view of the installation in Padova Research on Injector Megavolt Accelerated facility in Padova, Italy. The beam source is the key component of the system, as its goal is the generation of the 1 MeV accelerated beam of deuterium or hydrogen negative ions. This paper presents the highlights of the latest developments for the finalization of the MITICA beam source design, together with a description of the most recent analyses and R&D activities carried out in support of the design.

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