Article Development of Production Technique of Track-etched Porous Membranes Using Continuous Ion Irradiation

Yamamoto, H.  ,  百合, 庸介  ,  湯山, 貴裕  ,  吉田, 健一  ,  石坂, 知久  ,  石堀, 郁夫  ,  奥村, 進  ,  越川, 博  ,  八巻, 徹也  ,  前川, 康成  ,  横田, 渉

We are conducting a joint research for the establishment of the production technique of track-etched porous membranes based on energetic heavy-ion irradiation at the AVF cyclotron in TIARA. In the R&D experiment, a formation technique of a "ribbon" uniform beam was developed for efficient roll-to-roll irradiation of polymer films and continuous ion irradiation of a long sample was performed.

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