Journal Article DC ultra-high voltage insulation technology for 1 MV power supply system for fusion application

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45 ( 1 )  , pp.162 - 169 , 2017-01 , IEEE
To realize DC 1 MV power supply system for Neutral Beam (NB) Injector in ITER, long-pulse DC ultra-high voltage insulation technologies have been developed. For a DC 1MV insulating transformer, a composite bushing has been newly developed to overcome the manufacturing difficulty of a conventional condenser bushing (CB). The composite bushing has a small-sized CB and fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) tube to sustain 1 MV stably inside and outside of the bushing. The mockup of the insulating transformer has fulfilled the ITER requirement of DC 1.2 MV insulation for 3600 s. A high-voltage (HV) bushing to transmit multiple voltages simultaneously has been also developed through a careful experimental study on vacuum insulation characteristics with multiple-gaps between large electrodes. It has been found that the voltage holding is dominated not by number of the electrodes but by a total cathode surface area of electrodes. Based on this result, the vacuum insulation inside the HV bushing with five electrostatic screens have been designed to realize a stable vacuum insulation of 1 MV.

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