Presentation Design progress in the magnet controller

神谷, 宏治

The JT-60U is being upgraded to a full-superconducting tokamak referred as the JT-60 Super Advanced (JT-60SA) as one of the JA-EU broader approach projects. The JT-60SA project will use superconducting magnets to confine the plasma and achieve a plasma current with a typical flat top duration of 100 second in purely inductive mode. The JT-60SA refrigerator will provides 4.4 K for the superconducting magnets (the Toroidal Field (TF) coil and the Poroidal Field (PF) coil), 50 K for High Temperature Superconducting Current Lead (HTS/CL), 80 K for Thermal Shields(TS), and 3.7 K for the divertor cryopumps(CP). In order to control the temperatures of the aforementioned cryogenic users, the JT-60SA will utilize a supervising system so called "magnet controller". The presentation will report the design progress of the magnet controller.
26th Technical Coordination Meeting of the Satellite Tokamak Programme

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