Journal Article Depolarization Dynamics in a Strongly Interacting Solid-State Spin Ensemble

Choi, Joonhee  ,  Choi, Soonwon  ,  Kucsko, Georg  ,  C. Maurer, Peter  ,  J. Shields, Brendan  ,  Sumiya, Hitoshi  ,  Onoda, Shinobu  ,  Isoya, Junichi  ,  Demler, Eugene  ,  Jelezko, Fedor  ,  Y. Yao, Norman  ,  D. Lukin, Mikhail

118 ( 9 )  , pp.093601-1 - 093601-6 , 2017-03 , American Physical Society
We study the depolarization dynamics of a dense ensemble of dipolar interacting spins, associated with nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond. We observe anomalously fast, density-dependent, and nonexponential spin relaxation. To explain these observations, we propose a microscopic model where an interplayof long-range interactions, disorder, and dissipation leads to predictions that are in quantitative agreement with both current and prior experimental results. Our results pave the way for controlled many-body experiments with long-lived and strongly interacting ensembles of solid-state spins.

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