Conference Paper Effect of divertor plasma conditions and drifts on ELM power fluxes at the ITER divertor targets

細川, 晢成  ,  Loarte, A.  ,  Huijsmans, G.T.A.  ,  滝塚, 知典  ,  林, 伸彦

The effect of divertor recycling, in/out recycling asymmetry and ion grad-B drift direction on in/out divertor power/particle flux asymmetry for stationary plasma and during ELM have been modelled with 2D PARASOL PIC kinetic code. The direction of ion grad-B drift has a strong effect on stationary in/out flux asymmetry and becomes larger for ELM. ELM simulations show that the energy load to the inner divertor is largest for normal grad-B and smallest for reversed grad-B, which qualitatively agrees with experiments.

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