Presentation Numerical analysis of particle emission from laser irradiated tin targets for the optimization of the EUV source

佐々木, 明  ,  砂原淳  ,  古河裕之  ,  西原功修  ,  西川亘

Optimization pre-plasma is critical to obtain high output power from the laser pumped plasma (LPP) extreme ultra-violet (EUV) light source. We investigate fragmentation of tin droplet targets by the pre-pulse laser irradiation. We develop a hydrodynamics model with the equation of state (EOS) of tin, which describes liquid to gas transition, and algorithms for mesh reorganization, to investigate the generation of particles through the evaporation, condensation as well as by shock wave caused by the irradiation of short laser pulse. We will discuss the physical effect and numerical method to include processes that determine dynamics of the particles, such as surface tension for bubbles and clusters as well as the interaction between the laser and particles.
SPIE Advanced Lithography会議、参加とポスター発表

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