Journal Article NCRP解説書24「低線量放射線の健康影響:放射線生物学・疫学の統合の展望」の概要

今岡, 達彦  ,  勝部, 孝則  ,  川口, 勇生  ,  臺野, 和広  ,  土居, 主尚  ,  中島, 徹夫  ,  森岡, 孝満  ,  山田, 裕  ,  王, 冰  ,  神田, 玲子  ,  西村, まゆみ  ,  二宮, 康晴  ,  村上, 正弘  ,  吉永, 信治  ,  柿沼, 志津子

52 ( 2 )  , pp.68 - 76 , 2017-02 , 一般財団法人学会誌刊行センター
Strategic research will be needed to unveil the uncertainty regarding the health effect of radiation at low dose and low dose rate. Recently, the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements (NCRP) published Commentary No. 24 dealing with the perspective of integrating radiation biology and epidemiology to address this issue. Results of radiation biology have not been effectively used for radiation risk assessment because 1) available epidemiological studies based on direct observation of human population have been considered to be the most relevant despite their uncertainties and 2) biological studies have not been conducted with their use in risk assessment in mind. The present paper summarizes the Commentary to present perspectives on integrating biology and epidemiology for radiation risk assessment.

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