Journal Article Channel-specific photoelectron angular distribution in laboratory and molecular frames for dissociative ionization of methanol in intense ultraviolet laser fields

深堀, 信一  ,  中野, 元善  ,  山内, 薫  ,  板倉, 隆二

672pp.7 - 12 , 2017-02 , Elsevier
We investigate dissociative ionization of CH3OH in an intense laser field (398 nm, 76 fs, 8.9×1012 W/cm2) by photoelectron-photoion coincidence momentum imaging. It is revealed from the analysis of the channel-specific photoelectron angular distributions that CH3OH is decomposed into CH2OH+ + H after the four-photon ionization to the vibrationally highly excited states of the electronic ground state of CH3OH+ and into CH3+ + OH after the five-photon ionization to the second electronically excited state of CH3OH+, and that these two channels are also opened after CH3OH+, prepared by the four-photon ionization, is photoexcited further into the electronically excited states.

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