Journal Article Recovery from failures of ITER blanket remote handling system

丸山, 孝仁  ,  野口, 悠人  ,  武田, 信和

124pp.669 - 672 , 2017-02 , Elsevier B.V.
Recovery operations for the ITER remote handling systems must be performed remotely because humanscannot access the radiation environment. Based on availability analysis, failure modes for the ITER BlanketRemote Handling System (BRHS) were analysed, which concluded that a loss of electricity is likely to occurand will require a recovery operation. To recover the ITER BRHS from this kind of failures, we focusedon that the failed actuators can be driven if the motor shaft is driven from the outside, and developedrescue operation and a rescue tool. This method uses rescue manipulators, which handle the rescue toolwe designed to drive failed actuators externally.

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