Journal Article Round Robin test for the determination of nitrogen concentration in solid Lithium

Favuzza, P.  ,  Antonelli, A.  ,  Furukawa, T.  ,  Groeschel, F.  ,  Hedinger, R.  ,  Higashi, T.  ,  Hirakawa, Y.  ,  Iijima, M.  ,  Ito, Y.  ,  Kanemura, T.  ,  Knaster, J.  ,  Kondo, H.  ,  G., Miccichè  ,  Nitti, F.S.  ,  Ohira, S.  ,  Severi, M.  ,  Sugimoto, M.  ,  Suzuki, A.  ,  Traversi, R.  ,  Wakai, E.

107pp.13 - 24 , 2017-02 , Elsevier B.V.
Three different partners, ENEA, JAEA ed University of Tokyo, have been involved during 2014–2015 inthe Round Robin experimentation for the assessment of the soundness of the analitycal procedure for thedetermination of the Nitrogen impurities contained inside a solid Lithium sample. Two different kindsof Lithium samples, differing by about an order of magnitude in Nitrogen concentration (∼230 wppm;∼20–30 wppm), have been selected for this cross analysis. The agreement of the achieved results appearsvery good for what concerns the most concentrated Lithium and indicates each partner’s procedure isappropriate and intrinsecally able to lead to meaningful values, characterized by a relative uncertaintyof just few %. The smaller agreement in the case of the less concentrated Lithium anyway points out thatparticular attention must be paid to reduce as much as possible any source of external contaminationand highlights the importance of the proper blank subtraction.

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