Journal Article Crystal-Site-Selective Spectrum of Fe3O4 Obtained by Mössbauer Diffraction

Nakamura, Shin  ,  三井, 隆也  ,  Fujiwara, Kosuke  ,  Ikeda, Naoshi  ,  Kurokuzu, Masayuki  ,  Shimomura, Susumu

86pp.023706-1 - 023706-4 , 2017-02 , 物理系学術誌刊行センター
We have succeeded for the first time in obtaining a crystal-site-selective Mössbauer spectrum of Fe3O4 using the Mössbauer diffractometer at SPring-8 BL11XU. In order to extract the nuclear resonant scattering, which provides the crystal-site-selective emission spectrum, reflections having a Bragg angle near 45° were used. The 666 and 10 10 0 re flection spectra reveal only B- and A-site spectra, respectively. Mössbauer diffraction spectroscopy enables us to measure the crystal-site-selective spectrum and to determine the precise hyperfine structure. This technique provides new possibilities for studying the local crystallographic and magnetic structure on iron sub-lattices in various multisite materials.

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