Conference Paper 重イオン用超伝導回転ガントリーの開発

岩田, 佳之  ,  野田, 耕司  ,  白井, 敏之  ,  古川, 卓司  ,  藤田, 敬  ,  正田, 光一  ,  水島, 康太  ,  板野, 明史  ,  藤本, 哲也  ,  荻津, 透  ,  尾花, 哲浩  ,  雨宮, 尚之  ,  渡辺, 郁男  ,  折笠, 朝史  ,  高山, 茂貴

An isocentric superconducting rotating-gantry for heavy-ion therapy is being designed. This rotating gantry can transport heavy ions having 430 MeV/u to an isocenter with irradiation angles over 0-360 degrees, and is further capable of performing the fast raster-scanning irradiation. Combined-function superconducting magnets were designed by using a 3D electromagnetic-field solver. To verify the design of the magnets, beam tracking simulations were performed. In this paper, results of 3D field calculations on the magnets as well as beam tracking simulations are described.

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