Journal Article Generation of 20 kA electron beam from a laser wakefield accelerator

Y.F.Li  ,  D.Z.Li  ,  ホァン, カイ  ,  M.Z.Tao  ,  M.H.Li  ,  J.R.Zhao  ,  Y.Ma  ,  X.Guo  ,  J.G.Wang  ,  M.Chen  ,  N.Hafz  ,  J.Zhang  ,  L.M.Chen

24 ( 048702 ) 2017-02 , The American Institute of Physics
We present the experimentally generated electron bunch from laser-wakefieldacceleration (LWFA) with charge of 620 pC and maximum energy up to 0.6 GeV byirradiating 80 TW laser pulses at 3 mm Helium gas jet. The charge of injectedelectrons is much larger than the normal scaling laws of LWFA in bubble regime. Wealso got a quasi-mononeregetic electron beam with energy peaked at 249 MeV andcharge of 68 pC with the similar laser conditions but lower plasma density. Asconfirmed by 2D particle-in-cell (PIC) simulations, the boosted bunch charge is dueto the continuous injection caused by the self-steepening and self-compression oflaser pulse. During the nonlinear evolution of laser pulse, the bubble structurebroadens and stretches, leading to a longer dephasing length and larger beam charge.

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