Conference Paper Development of CdTe pixel detectors combined with an aluminum Schottky diode sensor and photon-counting ASICs

Toyokawa, H.  ,  Saji, C.  ,  Kawase, M.  ,  Wu, S.  ,  Furukawa, Y.  ,  Kajiwara, K.  ,  Sato, M.  ,  Hirano, T.  ,  Shiro, A.  ,  Shobu, T.  ,  Suenaga, A.  ,  Ikeda, H.

We have been developing CdTe pixel detectors combined with a Schottky diode sensor and photon-counting ASICs. The hybrid pixel detector was designed with a pixel size of 200μm by 200 μm and an area of 19 mm by 20 mm or 38.2 mm by 40.2 mm. The photon-counting ASIC, SP8-04F10K, has a preamplifier, a shaper, 3-level window-type discriminators and a 24-bits counter in each pixel. The single-chip detector with 100 by 95 pixels successfully operated with a photoncounting mode selectingX-ray energy with the windowcomparator and stable operationwas realized at 20 degrees C. We have performed a feasibility study for a white X-ray microbeam experiment. Laue diffraction patterns were measured during the scan of the irradiated position in a silicon steel sample. The grain boundaries were identified by using the differentials between adjacent images at each position.

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