Journal Article Development of Micro-structured Fluorescent Plates for High-resolution Imaging

Sakai, Takuro  ,  Yasuda, Riyo  ,  Iikura, Hiroshi  ,  Matsubayashi, Masahito

11pp.020005-1 - 020005-6 , 2017-01 , The physical soceity of Japan
We have developed novel fluorescent plates for high-resolution imaging. The devices consist of capillaryplates and fine phosphor grains; specifically, each capillary is filled with the grains. The fabricatedfluorescent plates were characterized by optical microscopy and scanning electron microscopy. Theobservation revealed that all capillaries were well filled with grains. Imaging experiments were performedusing a small X-ray source. Results show that the fluorescent plates are expected to be compatible withboth high spatial resolution and good detection efficiency.

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